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tv   Fox 8 News at 6PM  FOX  September 20, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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>> talk to us about the open case as far as determining his involvement. is facing kidnapping and murder charges in action accused of killing stacey stanley and elizabeth griffith were found i his house after it won't be held accused of killing unidentified marion county moment and also and richland county , that may candice cunningham of canton. are hopeful that this could bring some closure to the family. >> is found in the action count
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and due back in court next week.d two met and added for the murder of a 17-year-old girl picture might testify against them are facing counts including murder and kidnapping they say that theyreco recorded the teenager to help them rob a bank in august, for days later she was ug shot to death in a vacant lot they also charge three juveniles in the crime, there i held in the cuyahoga county ja on a million dollar bond. >> fbi searching for a man they say was changing clothes. they concern as he may have been attempting to break into the home, maia belay is back from elyria with much more on the ongoing investigation. >> right now there are more questions than answers as are trying to determine me is what he planned to do. >> it is discussing to know tha people out there who are willin to cause harm to little ones.
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losing sleep since hearing of the unidentified man peeping and possibly try to break into a home full of girls next door. were some want to know the exact location in the house where the kids are at. >> the victim's mother, did not want to be identified. i saw my daughter through the window, the curtains were opene a little bit as she was changing in this man was trying to get a 9-year-old daughter changing her clothes so i began to scream her nameme from across the street. >> she said the man was confronted by her boyfriend and the fbi in place of a working the man who ind escaped in a four-door chevy. >> the house targeted by the ma is down the road for the school and talk to the school staff
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they're taking precaution to make sure that the children are safe.e >> horizon school says that students do not walk home and there are cameras around the school dlk but some wonder if t latest incident is linked to similar cases of a girl taken ta from her bed and north ridgeville and 2015, in februa abduction attempt of a 10-year-old in delirium both case of the girls got away they said that those cases could be late or too early to tell same and is responsible for what happened here said as long as h is still out theref people wellbeing on edge. >> double check your windows doors and the kids throughout the night that's all that she can do other than have a firearm by your bedside and pray you do not have to use it. >> a chance he may have been caught on video, the place are not given any specifics because
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these situations are similar so understand why the police an parents are concerned. >> day after a ahmad khan rahami was taken into custody are searching foror answers to questions about bombings in new york and new jersey and even without their cooperationsw to piece together a profile at joins us. >> they say they have their man and they want answer to determine a motive, a link between seemingly random target and if he had any help, 20-year-old ahmad khan rahami remains in custody after a shootout with police yesterday they swy he is linked saturda blasts in new jersey and manhattan where 20 people were
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terror they want to know if there is a link to a terror groupup, had a notebook when arrested, there were entries making references to terrorists includingt the 20 boston marathon bombers, today his father told reporters he expressed concern about his son two years ago.f >> wouldja call the fbi two years ago? >> fb my son my wife like to speak to his wife law enforcement source said that sh left the us a few days before the bombing and today she aske the court to give her full custody of their son, she said that she had not spoken to him since januaryry and said that w only on the phone for a few minutes.
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>> exposed a problem with city security cameras now some changes be made as a galaxy has more on what is happening. a simple change makes a big difference we went to city hall after he found that a homeland security camera focusing on me section of pavement and now this.f the i-team found this security camera focused on a patch of pavement and know the story has led city hall to take action with all of the cameras, 130 citywide a security camera recording makes no sense to anyone. we went to visit his man in charge of the street security cameras he says that they shoul be framed to see the middle of
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should not be left like this. we found this recording from a camera at west 25th and lorain avenue and do not capture evidence of a nearby hit-and-run. as a result of the story, the city says it made a a high-tech adjustment to have the cameras automatically view themselves back into placehh if they are l like that. this is one technology the camera can tell itself that i have not minute so i'm to automatically resent.eded >> say that the police can move the cameras were investigating, it is a backup to make sure tha it is not ga forgotten. >> we want to interfere with what the officers are doing we want to be cognizant of the camera focusing on the intersection.e another big concern is that police find that the camera is out of service they now have a maintenance contract to make
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operational and they say that as of tuesday morning,th 95 percent were operational. >> said they should like at every camera about once each day, for taxpayers a simple bottom linene. >> they should be factional. >> they have about 130 of those cameras, there are more going i on the west side a few years ag it started with just about a dozen in downtown. city says up to three staff members should be lucky if the should have accessho and also t maintenance company c wonder that with all of those people who were supposedly watching these cameras how this happen but now, this is
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donald trump will be back in ohio tomorrow. >> will be visiting a cleveland heights church as matt wright user with a preview. >> donald trump has been inheer the state each week and will return tomorrow for a a form with past in the taping of a televised town hall in cleveland heights. >> masking for the vote of ever singlef african american citizen. >> inc an appeal to african american voters donald trump expected to attend a a pastors conference in town hall at new spirit revival center in clifton heights tomorrow morning. >> the pastor, a long time trum supporterst darrell scott who spoke at the rnc. i know he not homophobic or
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says he has invited hundreds of pastors across the statea an have a chance to question trump and mike pence aurora wind to ask him things we feell not onl important to the committee of faith but to the society as and others, have been outspoken in their opposition t donald trump,ve the african-american kennedy historically voted democratic some are offended by his comments and positions. >> look how much african-american committees hav suffered under democratic control, to thosen e i say the following, what do you have to lose? , believes that the message can resonate on issues affecting after american and urban voters thus the focus of the townhall taped at the churchnn airing wednesday on fox news channel. >> if you are an african
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political party you are a you o should want to participate in the town hall meeting because this man very well may end up the next president of the unite states trenholm. that will air on the fox news channel's hannity to mark this and that all pastors and church leaders are welcome to attend
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throw that away and get a refund by calling kellogg's or go to the website replacements of samson galaxy note 7 they recalled the smartphone and reports that catching fire charging traced to a very problem bluetooth access
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scientists say that they're closer to making smart clothes that can charge them have a super thin fabric that can generate electricity from the sunri and your physical movemen with the fabric would automaticallyth charge of devic no word yet on this will ever make it to store shelves. i don't want that, any added electrical or around me, i don' think so. >> you would not want a continuation of this >> this gives me a chance to do something different so i'm goin to begin this weather cast ce in a
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the temperatures there, the hav colder weather, 40s, 50s, nothing in the 60s or 70s, but in particular, pay attentio to point.barrow alaska the have a series of webcams that overlook the day so let's do a time lapseda is a comes into vi you can see selfies this is late september and it i cold enoughghed and from time t time you'll see some patches of snow happening, but the cia sue storey to accumulate in the bay this is a three dayay time laps. at sunrise today, thanks to jay
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the sunshine right over the cit of cleveland and then pretty soon it will bey out of the fra of their wider not afraid close to november and will be down in this neck of the woods that is clue from huntington beachis th were pushed into late september almost octoberpt. we are between a white weather system along the other one is a slow-moving cold front that will eventually become a backdoor cool front approaching the weekend until then it will be toasty and rainfree highs today indy five, the low was 59, both above
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magic number stands at seven, j.t. is here with a two tried to clinch the postseason berth in the final
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here at progressive field, it will be just talent on the field against the royals, danny salazar,st with a forearm situation, they felt that he ca be available in the playoffs in the bullpen, we know that the bad situation for the indians i
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carlos carrasco, and then, they went on to win the game, they have done all season. paul hoynes of the plain dealer wrote that the season was essentially over and some took umbrage, so to jason kipnis today about that. >> of got no problem with paul hoynes, or himp sharing his opinion he's got every right to do so,ri i don't want him to a fluff piece , i wanted to be real and. about that to just use a poor choice of words, in my opinion, bit ught it was au disrespectful to the guys who put in the effort to win games
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injured and some guys can step up to fill the spot.. >> the have terminated the contract of john hughes of the grounds, then added austin writer for the redskins and center and the have added as a veteran quarterback charlie whitehurst, the clipboard jesus is said nine career starts in miami versus dolphins, and last night, carson wentz, the rookie quarterback of the eagles had an outstanding game and int gamesnd he has a 61 percent pas completion three touchdowns 468 yards and no interceptions, he looked like he belongs in th nfl.. he was impressive last night,
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high school football is time to get you to fox to vote for the friday night touchdown, game of the week, here are the choices are correct ow about until 9:00 p.m. thursday and then at 10:00 p.m. the waiting game will be announced for the friday night touchdown game of the week. gabe spiegel will be with us covering high school football that nightin and then he will b in the studio with us for another edition of fraud and a at 11:00 p.m., the best high school football coverage right here on fox 8. have highlights what are your expectations,
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okay, what you look for this week's claim gabe spiegel is in love with the sport of football is a big time ohio state fan so lucky for him to keep theis lev
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sought county sheriff's department investigating a case of vandalism at fire station. ahmad eris eanes, they urinated on equipment and furniture come in as jack shea joins us from northfield center. they believe it was an act of revenge, carried out by volunteer firefighters,cte work at this fire station until last week ago crime scene investigators from the summa county sheriff's department are called to the fire stationito in northfield center, after firefighters from macedonia, who assumed jurisdictiononm here on friday come discover on monday thatre someone got inside the station, urinating on the equipment and furniture and mattressessn are focusing the investigation onon former northfield center volunteer firefighters who saw thehe
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result of a defeated fire levy. if indeed they investigate it and find out it was firefighter there probably should not be professionals and the firefighting businessrey we are in the public trust and when you deface someone's's gear, and pu them at risk that is very criminal. >> they said the perpetrators also wrote profanity laced graffiti around the station installed the new fire chief an his new firefighters.ns >> northfield center some volunteer firefighters are angry about th loss of their department and th vandalism may have been their revengem . >> this issue , pitting neighbor against neighbor, it is very divisive, so there were some hard feelings, and some between our station personnel, and people don't like another community, and and and taking
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investigators spent the day gathering evidence, they say members of the defense department were no longer allowed in the station but some of them still had keys, which have not been changed after macedonia took over the station. >> i am blown away that a firefighter would do thatam. whoever did it, they need to go to jail.. they will analyze the id testing,dn also checking nearby surveillance cameras to see if they picked upp images of the suspects or their vehicles. they have a strong suspicion as to who is responsible, how long before they have something more definitive? >> that's a good question, what they could be the surveillance video, it could help to identif
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someone who may then tell the authorities. >> thank you jack shea, and of investigation into the recent shooting of a 13-year-old boy. the protesters carried a list of demands inside city hall st on columbus to move away from police and presence to prevention and programs, tyree king was killed by officers after he pulled a realistic looking bb gunerer. woke their children die at the hands of anyone.. what is its original dead when he had a bb gun? >> those who attended the rally took anyt> more he have in fron of city hall challenging columbus mayorr claimed that promises the safest big city in america ohio's growing heroin epidemic forcing more children
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very disturbing statistics for 2,000 children are in custody statewide nearly 30 percent increase since 2012 numbers coming from the public service association of ohio that found at least half of children taken into custody last year have parents using drugst that re placed in foster care as a result. looking at recent numbers, opiates are increasing. >> deputy director of cook
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services putting children in foster care should be a last resort pil of the nine to 13 ta into custody in cuyahoga county last year, six or 85 had parental drug use the recovery teams provide access to treatment resources for familie and created to prevent and trea addictionon. >> we try to do what we can to ensure that the children are safeto that the time a chd born to a mother who has been exposed to substance abuse automatically may enter a court filing or maybe custody or look atr permanency. >> but with the heroine crisis on the rise in ohio, agency leaders fear the number of children needed services will also increase. addiction is a progressive disease it is one that is going to continue down a path that would ultimately lead to death
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, our job is to intervene when children are at risk.j they stress that putting children in foster care is usually the last resort with social workers overlooking to relatives to care for the child untilv the custodial parent is able to resume custody. as markets are put into foster care, funding statewide i child services is falling short, another challenge local agencie we had to face in the near
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that close in favor of this by a battlele to keep it up and now the mayor is fighting rumor that the lives of residents are in jeopardy as the mayor and fire chief called a press conferencerre dispelling rumor that people would die in transi to facilities they said that is the wordan went around because hospital longer offers w inpatient care, and as continue to offer 147 emergency room at the same location with board-certified emergency physicians on staff, the vera farmiga consisting there has been no delay to get
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takes longer to get the hospita but is not time lost in thee ca of the patient. >> the fire chiefs has more tha halflf of the city's medical ra are still made to thef lakewood hospital er the remaining patients are taken to the closestre facility with fairvie only 3.2 miles away. a story we told about, please send willowick said the so-called attack cat has been found the usual morning on facebook it was mean and had been in som backyards along clairmont road at this point.are not sure if i is a wild stray or a pad with a bad tempered. john boehner has a new job the former house speaker john in a high-powered washington lobbying firm they say that he
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development, give him the opportunity to engage with leadersrs in business and government throughout the world hillary clinton took the day of today that word as she picked u aa important vote, they say that george h. w. bush plans to vote for her, kathleen kennedy townsend, the niece of jfk shared a photo with him and i facebook posting he told her he is voting for hillary clintonon it's no secre there is some bad blood during the bush family and donald trum delay that he characterized jeb bush during the primary campaign. p some trump supporters learning the names and facebook to not mix many added the word portable to their account name after hillary clinton said tha you can put half of his supporters into what i callan t basket of deplorables, though
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cracking down anyone with the were deplorable is asked to changewn the name bac normal or risk being suspended from the social media site. skills was the main focus on the campaign trail aswa donald trump's son, sent out a tweet comparingng syrian refugees to skittles. is said that if i had a bowl of skittles in a told you i three would kill you what you take a handful? in, skittles said thatat they'r just candy and refugees are people and will not comment furtheree. of course the hottest orton social media is nothing to do with politics. >> after 11 years, brad and angelina are getting divorced, angelina jolie file the documents citing irreconcilabl differences, she has a report she was upset with the way he
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been together since 2,004 and married sincece august 2014, tmz reports that she's asking for custody of the six children and asking to get him visitation, said that they're asking for privacy and that the children are the main focus, her attorne issued a statement said that th split is for the health of the family, she is not asking for support. >> thrown for a loss is not an expression football field, see what one entire team did to get
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outside of the division iii football champions expect to make another run if s without their head coach. archbishop hoban high school celebrating after division three state title, and heaping praise upon head coach. the athletic association as accused coach tim tyrrell of contacting a student from
6:47 pm
st. helena elementary school. >> he was invited to speak to a group ofof physical education students and that is not uncommon we often invite students to hear from various administrators educators and coacheshe who are currently at local high schools. >> they said this has nothing t do with an assembly at the elementary school, complained that he initiate contact with a student that he should have known was wrong.t >> assembly where all the students are there, is certainly permitted, what is not permitte is to have ap member school coa single out in particular a youn student to talk that person about the school's athletic program. >> is that this allegation?at >> yes. ohio high school athletic association has suspended him from coaching in the postseason
6:48 pm
season, penalties the school believes are excessive but the ohio high school athletic association says there could be more.. >> cannot get into the details of the nature, but there are various kinds of allegations that were looking into. that high school is not commenting on the penalties, they have called them excessive they can finish the season and play in the playoffsh but witho their head coach, fox 8 news. she likes is kind of weather thenn mop that up. >> , we could bottle it. >> and then release it in
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great night to be stargazing we will have clear skiesn check ou the time lapse from burke can see the last of the cold front that came through yesterday to go t t giving several other two sconce and iowa, this is it. the same cold front essentially moving high pressure as though intention of releasing itself at the lakeshore, the 70s which isis will above normal touches
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live the lakeshore in enough influence l some of the lake moisture is moving inland and increasing the dewpoint to the low to mid 60s, not the kind of, tropical humidity that you notice a bit of a tackiness nea the lake but inland it is prett normal overnight low is 55's over clos the overnight low than tomorrow it will be way above normal. with brilliant sunshine, 84 degrees, the cold front is essentially washed up. high-pressure system took over now they're becoming one system to preventem the
6:51 pm
into ohio for now. you can see it will be almost cut-and-paste, cut-and-paste an the front rows and as a back door cool front pushingk the temperature backeded down but without much precipitation, sho you the track of the precipitation with the ti upper-level system keeping out the rainfall even with the backdoor cool front period they typically do not have a lot of moisture. b68 saturday and sunday if she showers on monday and then mid '60s tuesday and wednesdayd and that is wher we should be this time of year, not with mid- 80s, but not to
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most people had to wait in line to get the new iphone but not this dog . this week marks the end of summer but not the end of fun,k for something to do go to fox 8 for the fall fun guidede a list of fun things to do forl you an your family with all kinds of activities from hayrides f haunted houses and pumpkin patches a lo
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just two days away from the dick goddardt donation can make a difference in the lives of an animal in need i, the number on screen so please help the four-foots and join us for the dick goddardr cleveland apl telethon on thursday. >> wewe love our pets but this taking it to the extreme. >> cocoa, o t alaskan malamute is the proud owner of eight iphone 7 is, his owner is the son of a chinese billionaire
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iphone costs the equivalent of almost $1,200 in chinat he spen $9,500 for the iphones for the dog he also has two apple
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began with an exclusive, a local woman tellss peggy gallek that she was sleeping with a keller, who recently dated the man linked to the deaths of at least five women in ashland county and with the story. >> says that she cannot believe she did someone who may have been a murder. we don't see these types of cases in the smaller towns like mansfield or ashland. >> manso police collect evidenc and the death of rebekah leicy


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